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Shocking Lunch
Does my lunch pass, or fail? - Photo by Matt Stone

So an interesting thing has happened this week.  Since the announcement last week about our “Biggest Loser” contest, I’ve been receiving lots of support, plus a few tips an tricks.  One of the more interesting exchanges was with a wonderful woman that I work with, who gave me quite a critical eye as she decides where to place her pledge.  After a thorough inspection of my lunch she said “it’s not enough for you”.  I could have hugged her, if that wasn’t against our workplace HR policies!

While it seems like there is a lot of (good-natured) teasing and cajoling going on as a result of this challenge, the reality is that I’m getting a lot of unsolicited advice, suggestions and support along the way, and I’m connecting with a number of the people I work with in a whole new way.  It takes the working-day grind out of some of what we do day-in and day-out, and puts a little fun and levity (if you will pardon the obtuse pun) into the day.

Frankly, I think groups and individuals should do thigs like this more often – and not just something big to rally around, like the innumerable “ribbon” campaigns.  Start something yourself, even if it is small.  The five of us are working to raise a small amount of money out of what amounts to a game of “I told you so”.  But somehow, it makes me feel way more human.

Our group is raising money for the Women in Insurance Cancer Crusade (WICC).  Please visit their site.

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