A Beautiful Friday Night Ride

A hard week. Some great stuff on Friday. I had steam to blow off. There is nothing like being so close to mountains and beautiful scenery to allow you to blow the cobwebs out. This allowed me to test a feature of all my tech and my blog. Tada: a map! (This is not a track from last night, but a previous that was on or around the same route.)

Here is my quick ride report: a mercy mission. My old dog needed some new medication from the vet, which is about 5km or so from our house. Mission accomplished, I rode back up to Hastings St. to take advantage of the HOV lane, and then the Barnet Highway out to Port Moody. From there, winding through neighbourhoods Sunnyside Road, and on to Buntzen Lake. Following two other riders from the Barnet to Buntzen, where I turned and left them.

A loop in the parking lot to follow the road all the way down to Bedwell Bay Road and 1st Avenue on the north side of Burrard Inlet. North (and every other direction) on the fantastic curvy Bedwell Bay, with a scoot to the White Pine Beach parking lot for Belcarra Regional Park. Back out to Bedwell, then into the park proper for some tall trees and slow speeds – good for the soul.

Out of the park, and along Belcarra Bay Road through the tiny village of Anmore… where the bus “loop” no longer exits back to the street. A quick u-turn, and back out to Belcarra Bay Road, then Bedwell Bay, down to 1st Ave, and on to Ioco Road. Out Ioco and straight up the hill in Port Moody onto North Road, then following the roads up over Burnaby Mountain to SFU, then home. Follow? Great.

Wonderful forested curving roads, little traffic, and sunshine. This was an epic way to take the long way home from the vet. Most of the locations will be in the tracks below. Enjoy!

[sgpx gpx=”/wp-content/uploads/gpx/Ioco_Buntzen_Loop.gpx”]

The fact that I got this to work is extremely cool. Finding the right tool that displayed the GPX accurately and didn’t make it go incredibly wonky was key. This will open up more of the motorcycling posts for me. Now I can log interesting rides and provide ride reports with photos and mapping, as supplied either by my TomTom 550 Rider (from which this was taken – a great motorcycle GPS unit!), or via my Garmin inReach Mini, let alone my Garmin watch which I love. Note that the speed hasn’t been logged, as I pulled in a GPX track that I built on the TomTom website, rather than a track from the GPS recording my route.

I’m soon going to re-ride this exact route to get an accurate and updated GPS track, and to further test the equipment here. Perhaps I might even start haul out a GoPro and do a video for the ride, which I can time-lapse most of to get to the good bits. More things to play with.

This is exciting, and I can’t wait to test this out more. Test ride reports from my trip in the late summer of 2019 to Mount St. Helen’s will be forthcoming shortly.

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