Welcome to my new site.

It’s been a long time since I have blogged seriously, and I wanted to start again. At one time, I had two separate blogs that I had varying levels of success in updating, plus a third that I never got off the ground for my photographs, and I realized that wasn’t the most logical way forward. Having three blogs – three names, three bits of digital cruft – hanging out there and being connected to me without any tending to the bits and bytes in the garden was bothering me. I was also slightly cramped by the limitation of the free blogging options that are out there, so I decided the best thing would be to re-launch the blog.

Welcome to Insuriosity, hosted at ommoran.ca. This is a single place where I can post about whatever inspires me – not that slice of what I find interesting that must go here, rather than there. This, then, is the conjoining of three separate and somewhat distinct blogs into this one spot – the former Big Man Big Loser and Insuriosity blogs and the erstwhile photography blog. I am adding to this a category for motorcycling, which may give you more than you think. In the menu you will find the sections for the various things that drive me; over time this may be added to, with notable future possibilities of technology, and music.

The old content is still there.  You can hunt around for it under the menu, and please bear with me as I’m still developing the site a bit. Ultimately, it will take a bit of time to have enough new content that the old content (truly, some of it digital cruft) is pushed further down. If you are curious of what I was writing and thinking 5 to 10 years ago, you can dig around; I’ll take credit for the Canadian insurers taking my advice to sell flood insurance when I gave it to them back in ’11, even if I was writing my last post on the insurance side of things as I was getting ready to go out to Calgary in 2013.  I haven’t gone back to read much, and I kind of encourage you not to either given that my thinking might have changed so much, but it’s there if you want to. If you’re interested in the Big Man Big Loser story, those posts are there too.  The tags might currently be a scramble, but I will work on those over time to tame them a bit.

So, things will be getting fitter (both me and fixing errors on the blog), faster (running I hope, but also my motorcycle rides), and perhaps a little bit funnier (that hasn’t proven to be the case yet). Find your way to stuff through the menus.  Comments are welcomed, and thanks for stopping by.

Insurance is my profession, and one of my passions. Motorcyclist, runner, skier, photography newbie. Nerdy tech geek, craft beer enthusiast. Thoughts are my own. Snark is omni-present.

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