Running in Stanley Park

My office is quite close to Stanley Park in the grand scheme of things – about 1.5 kilometers along Vancouver’s picturesque and idyllic (and flat) seawall. Taking an opportunity to have a trot in my own city, and play a little bit of tourist, was a lot of fun. It also reminded me that I shouldn’t penalize myself (I really do, frankly) for stopping – to take pictures, or slow to a walk for a bit to rest).

The fantastic thing about running along the seawall is the fact that it’s flat. I live at the base of Burnaby Mountain, admittedly a small mountain, but a big hill. All of my routes (well, both) have elevation changes. Wherever I go, I’m faced with a hill. My preference is to get the hill out of the way at the front end, but then I might encounter hills on the way home. If you get the idea that I’m not yet adjusted to hills, you’re right.

The seawall is a lovely place to run, right along Burrard Inlet. The seawall was also kind of busy on a Friday night, considering it’s closed to bicycles right now – I was quite surprised. However, it wasn’t a burden, and the weather was great: warm, but overcast.

My route is below. My photo gallery from the run can be found here.

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