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I have a question: what would make this blog more compelling to you?  What would make you go beyond the apathetic and lazy clicking of a “Like” button?  On New Year’s Eve, 2013, I posted the fantastic infographic thing that WordPress (a great blogging host) prepares for each blogger on their site, which broke my stats out into several different and interesting ways of looking at my blog traffic.  How many San Francisco cable cars full of readers I had, and that sort of whacky stat.  However, there’s one thing that I did want to thank the folks who read my blog for, and that’s for the ever growing (if slow) readership stats I have.

Blogging is funny in that it’s a bit of a feedback loop.  You swear that you do it for yourself, but there’s some satisfaction in the fact that you do it to see who reads it.  Shamelessly, I love knowing who reads my blog.  I check my stats regularly.  So with a bit of trepidation and transparency, here are the stats for last year:


The great thing about those numbers?  Last year, I had more readers in one year than in all three other years combined.  I’m pretty proud of that.  The blog still doesn’t get even 10 hits a day (which I’m sure is a tiny number), but at least I have a goal for this year of 3,000 views, or about 8 per day.  And I would love your opinion on what you would like to hear about.

When my January stats last year went through the roof, I was ecstatic.  When they tapered, I kind of expected it, but one of the things I didn’t get from that January spike was more followers by e-mail or by blog accounts and RSS aggregation.  I would love more readers, more shares on Facebook and Twitter, and especially more subscribers, followers, comments and discussion on my blog itself.

So, this year I’m asking for my readers to share and comment on my blog, starting with you.  Tell three friends about it, please.  Share it on Facebook, don’t just like it.  Retweet it to your followers on Twitter.  Subscribe to the blog by e-mail (click the button below, left) and get notified when I post something, or add me to your blog account or RSS reader.  However you do it, if you like my blog, please tell people about it.  If you don’t, then by all means leave a comment below and start some discussion.

When the numbers go up I get more encouraged to write.  I’m kind of a shameless sucker to that feedback loop, I guess. So, follow, subscribe, reblog, share, retweet and comment away – especially to answer the question at the top!

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