Today was a good run!

Today I broke a milestone, even if a little one. I have been trying to break a wall on my run – the 4th kilometre, which tracks uphill most of the way, has been annoying me. I haven’t been able to break through the 9 minute mark on that one. I’ve been close – 9:02 or 9:03, and it’s been bugging me.

Today, I did it – 8:54. In a run that felt good – effortless, free, powerful, all those things that make running feel great. I’m still only running about 5km, but I’m starting to track better, and faster, and fitter. Today just made me feel great!

(Here’s an interesting weirdness going on with either my CSS code, or with Strava – and I think the latter. I’ve posted the same code in one after the other, then added it a third time by a widget. It borks on top, but displays fine the second and third time. Things to figure out about your blog.)

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