Exercise Guilt

The last time I went for a run was June 1. 11 days ago. And I feel guilty about it, without question. This has happened before. I will make this time different, but this has happened before when I have fallen away from running.

The reasons are myriad, but the main one is I’ve been tired. Just plain tired. The whole of the working from home might have been great for a long time, but about 2 weeks ago today I was just beat. I felt like I had been on so many video and conference calls that there were people talking in my head all the time. I needed a break.

Then, on June 3, my next scheduled run… I was run down. I decided to do what people tell me to do – listen to my body. My knees were a bit sore, and coupled with what was a need to sit in a near vegetative state, I decided I would miss that one, and run the next day. June 3 was, of course, Global Running Day. This was a day that I didn’t know about, but I found out at about 7pm long after my decision to relax for the night. Please, yes, I would like an extra scoop of guilt.

That’s fine, I was going to run the next night anyway. Except, oh, I was going away Friday, and I had to pack and get ready. So that was out the window. I did an off-road motorcycle course all weekend, so on the bike Friday to get there. Saturday and Sunday I was on the bike, and lifting the bike, and muscling the bike around all day. It was two days of workouts like two back-to-back days of skiing. Then Monday, it was an all-day ride back home.

Tuesday. Wednesday. Thursday. I still was a bit sore Thursday morning. I returned to the office this week, and thought I would run Thursday. By 3pm I was thinking… hmmm, maybe not. At 4pm I got a call from a friend to meet him for a beer – it had been too long. No run. I don’t even have a weather-related excuse, lame as I think they are – the weather has been decent.

I’ve just checked the data from my watch, and it does show that I’ve been kind of beat at the end of each day. The week has taken a lot from me, it seems, or perhaps it’s a lingering from the exertion over the weekend. Either way, resting has been a good thing. The rest will soon stop. I will run today. If not, definitely Saturday. Hopefully, today and Sunday. Either way, I’m hoping that I’ll be feeling less guilty.

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