Privacy and Social Media

Some Final Thoughts

I decided to reactivate a blog during a pandemic, in 2020, when blogging is almost a dying art. Microblogging and communicating only by photograph and emoji, like the pictograms of our cave-dwelling ancestors, are way more popular ways to communicate these days.

I figure this post will come in somewhere around 6200 words. I’m posting it to my blog, which is linked (I know, I know – I said I was a hypocrite) to my Twitter and LinkedIn accounts. It’s taken me a significant amount of free time to write, and , because it’s a subject I care about, I wanted to flesh our my entire discussion – even if I’m not really an expert, or even very good at following my own rules. I wanted to write this post. Will this post get likes and shares and whatever? Maybe, but I don’t care that much – I had something to say, and I thought that just perhaps, some of the folks that I know might be interested enough to read my thoughts on this.

What I want is to generate actual discussion. It may get thumbs, it may get hearts, it may get shared, but the intent was to have people actually read for more than one minute, actually think about their actions, and perhaps engage in some discussion either here or on one of the other sites about just how much privacy we’ve given away, and how we can perhaps take some of it back.

If you’ve read to the end here, thank you. If I’ve given you even one thing to think about, or one tool to arm yourself in the battle for your own data, great. I’m taking a page from all the influencers out there: if you liked this post, hit the like button, post your comment below, and feel free to share this far and wide. I’m only casting my net so far.

Insurance is my profession, and one of my passions. Motorcyclist, runner, skier, photography newbie. Nerdy tech geek, craft beer enthusiast. Thoughts are my own. Snark is omni-present.

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